Simply put, Carrie’s is more than just pilates. We are a welcoming, fun studio that presents a challenging workout that is a combination of weight training and Pilates. The studio features the hard-core, core-sculpting Carrie’s Workout, which utilizes the best of both: the strengthening and toning benefits of weight training, and the lengthening and postural enhancing benefits of Pilates in a HIIT training sequence. Carrie’s keeps the heart rate up and burns calories while toning muscle. The routines incorporate “old school” exercises such as push-ups and lunges; however, the support of the machine eliminates the pressure on joints and the spine. The machine also allows for the creation of innovative and unique movements that challenge the body in different ways than traditional gym exercises or floor work.

We welcome everyone, and highly recommend beginners to take an intro class! However, those with injuries or restrictions should seek private sessions first. Click here to read more about what to expect as a new client.

$5.00 in our building with validation.
$3.00 in lot across the street with validation.
Street Parking is also available.

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your daily workouts, you will need more or less time to recover. We would recommend 3 to 4 times a week to allow your body to properly recover and repair and see results. Some students love the workout so much that they come 5 or 6 times a week. Listen to your body.

1. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude. Leave all the negative behind. The class is for you. 
 You need to be present minded when working out to maximize the benefits of the class.

2. We sell bottled water, and students are welcome to bring their own bottle to fill at the fountain.

3. Grip Socks. Any socks that are passable as grip socks with the sticky grips on the bottom will work. We sell and rent some at the front desk but you can bring your own pair if you want.

4. Fitness apparel (leggings, shorts, etc.) is required. We recommend loose tops that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to “breathe” and leggings for easy mobility.

5. Jewelry is NOT a good idea. Your necklace may catch into the spring’s system (a nightmare to undo), and you may forget it or lose it. It creates too many opportunities for disaster (we know because we’ve seen it too many times), but wearing jewelry is a choice for you to make.

6. No cell phones during classes (please be respectful of others).

7. No strong perfumes as some students are allergic.

8. If you are about to renew, please bring your payment. Most of our clientele pay online using our automated system. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.

The Waitlist is meant to guarantee a spot if it opens up. The system will automatically add anyone to the class if someone cancels with 14+ hours notice. The system also sends an email to the person being added from the waitlist to the class. It is your responsibility if you are going to utilize Waitlist to check your account, and your email to be sure the system has not already added you into class before signing up for another class time. The system will not add you in with less than 14 hours notice, so you do have time to early cancel in the event you are added in from the waitlist. Once you are added, it is your responsibility to cancel before the 12 hour window to class to avoid fees if necessary.

Carrie’s has office staff during class hours. You may reach us at 310.358.9491 or by emailing us at info@carriespilatesplus.com. We recommend all our members to get familiar with our automated booking system as it is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to book classes. If you forgot your password or need more info, call us or email us.

That’s amazing, we love hearing that! We are currently only hiring through our teacher training program in order to make sure all trainers understand our method and message as a studio and brand. CLICK HERE for more info